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Mar 1, 2017



1st photo: Rainforest light jacket, shirt, Bag
2nd photo: Vest, Sweatshirt, Pants, Bag,

It's been so long since I've worked with a brand with such a love for adventure. Not long ago, I was asked to be apart of There is always a journey’ SS17 campaign by Napapijri in Bucharest. 

The spring summer campaign portrays city and nature,even in the middle of the city can you find something so unexpected..that little bit of art & nature that really ties everything together, it's nice to open your eyes and look up from your phone to appreciate the world around us.

The collection includes a variety of jackets and bags in an array of colors inspired by nature’s hues. The outerwear pieces are extremely versatile, ideal for rain or sun, perfect for unpredictable spring weather.

As seen in Video: Rain forest jacketPantsShoes

We also shot this cool video in the city of Bucharest. I loved every minute of it, because I got to work and sightsee the entire time, most of the time when I'm shooting I don't get a chance to discover the city much, it's always early call times and then I sleepwalk myself back to the hotel room, but this job was different and the Napapijri team really made each shoot fun and exciting. I left the set with so much love for the city and the Napapijri team


  1. ehi, that's a super cute video, bravo


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